Instructions to Authors


The African Review hosts intellectual discussions of politics, development and international affairs that have a focus or impact onAfrica. It carries full length articles (8,000-10,000 words), as well as shorter contributions (about 4,000 words) and book reviews.   Each article should be accompanied by an abstract/summary of about 150 words. The manuscript must be double-spaced, with ample margins and numbered pages. The title of the article must appear clearly on at least the first page. To facilitate anonymity in peer reviewing, the author’s name or similar identification marks should not appear on any page other than on a separate sheet bearing the name(s) of the author(s), the title of the article, the contact addresses, and a short biographical note. The manuscripts should be sent to the editor in electronic form either by e-mail or on a diskette. Two hard copies of each manuscript must also be submitted together with the electronic format.


Footnotes/endnotes to the text should be kept to a minimum. Tables, figures and illustrations should convey their full meaning independent of text. If unable to transmit figures electronically, authors should send them in a finished form that is suitable for reproduction.


References should be indicated in the text by giving the author’s name, with the year of publication in brackets, e.g. Mushi (2003) or (Mushi, 1997) as appropriate. All references cited in the text should be listed in full at the end of the paper in the following standard form:

Books: Kimambo, Isaria, 2000, Humanities and Social Sciences (Dar es Salaam:Dar es SalaamUniversity Press).

Articles: Hyden, Goran, 2002, "Public Policy and Governance in East Africa", The African Review, 28, 2, pp. 32-50.

Chapters in books: Lihamba, Amandina, 2001, “Theatre and Children”, in P. Mlama and E. Jengo, eds, Contemplating Culture and Performance in Tanzania (Dar es Salaam:Dar es SalaamUniversity Press)