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We seek to publish scholarship that goes beyond the research report stage of conveying scientific findings and providing recommendations. We are interested particularly in papers that inspire or propose radical, alternative paradigmatic shifts in the standard assumptions and methodologies involved in knowledge production about Africa. Utafiti is not bound by narrow confines of disciplines and its format does not follow the standard research report framework.

Call for Papers : UTAFITI JOURNAL 2019 VOL 1 and 2


Journal of African Perspectives 

Editorial Team, College of Humanities, UDSM

Dr. Rose A. Upor – Editor

Prof. Helen Lauer – Chief Editor

Journal Management Team

Ms. Dora Mekai Semkwiji

Mr. Kelvin Mathayo

International Editorial Advisory Board

Professor E. J. Alam, Benedict XVI Chair Relig, Cultural, Philo. Studs., Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon

Emeritus Professor Robin Attfield, Philosophy Department, University of Cardiff, Wales

Assoc. Professor Saied Reza Ameli, Dean of Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran, Iran

Professor J.A.I. Bewaji, Dept Language, Linguistics & Philos. Fac. Humanities & Education, U. West Indies, Jamaica

Professor Tanella Boni, Professor of Philosophy, poet & novelist, l’Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny, Côte d’Ivoire

Professor E. John Collins, Music Dept, School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana

Professor Salah Hathout, University of Winnipeg, Canada

Associate Professor Abubakar Katerregga, Applied Linguistics, University of Rwanda

Emeritus Professor Juhani Koponen, Dept of Economic & Political Studies (AoE colonial history) Univ. Helsinki, Finland

Professor dr. Kai Kresse, Vice Director of Leibniz Research Center of Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO) Berlin, Germany

Professor Chris Maina Peter, Faculty of Law, University of Dar es Salaam

Professor Alexander Makulilo, University of Dodoma

Professor Joseph Mbele, St. Olaf College, Canada

Professor Deogratius S. Ngonyani, Michigan State University, USA

Emeritus Professor Theo van Leeuwen, University of New South Wales, Australia

Professor Frans J. Wijsen, Vice Dean of Faculty of Philosophy, Radboud University, Netherlands

Professor Pamela Willoughby, Chair of Anthropology Dept., University of Alberta, Canada

Assoc. Professor Helen Yitah, English Dept, College of Humanities, University of Ghana

Dr. Plan Shenjere-Nyabezi, Senior Lecturer, Anthropology Dept, University of Zimbabwe

Dr. Rajabu Adamu Chipila, – Kiswahili translator and proof reader, Institute of Kiswahili Studies, UDSM

Our vision and scope

      UTAFITI is the second oldest scholarly journal of the University of Dar es Salaam, circulating since 1976.

      UTAFITI welcomes articles that challenge the standard, received view of Africa through the international gaze. Utafiti is not bound by narrow confines of disciplines and its format does not follow the standard research report framework.  We look for papers that provide previously unexplored or infrequently defended positions and topics that move the scholarly discourse forward, covering the broad spectrum of social sciences and humanities, including applied ethics, archaeological, cultural and heritage studies, development studies, earth sciences, economics, education, gender, geography, history, law, linguistics, literature, medicine, philosophy, policy planning and analysis, religious studies, and law. social administration, statistics.

      Scholars and researchers of different ideological standpoints are welcome to argue their positions and cases, in an effort to challenge received and standard assumptions that dominate the global community focused on African realities and experiences. We welcome healthy, unfettered debates, encouraging complete academic freedom while sustaining the highest standards of academic credibility and accountability – thereby enhancing the international voice of scholarly and epistemic authority through the correctives afforded by African perspectives.


UTAFITI Journal of African Perspectives

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