Some Educational Cracks in Tanzania Mainland -Primary Schools in Terms of Facilities and Instruction Materials: A Case Study of Mbeya and lringa Regions in 1980

S T Mahenge


The educational achievement of any country depends on many factors work- .
ing together systematically. At the school level, for example,such factors indude
teaching' facilities such as buildings, various items of equipment
instructional materials such as textbooks and exercise books, together with other
related writing materials for both teachers and pupils. Furthermore, the quality
of education is determined by how much a country invests in its educatiOnal
.' system, and the fi,pproach used in training the educational recipients. In a simi~
lar perspective, Coombs (1968) argues that: '
any society, however, limited its means, makes a wise invest1flent in educational .
system. It invests wisely if that system is objective in judging its own performance, .
if it ceaselessly examines the living testimony offered by its own for!fler.students
in order to determine what it has done reasonably well, poorly, orflot at all, and
if it then corrects itself in the light of that testimony. The managers of such a self--
aware system will be able to catch and deal with errors before errors harden into
habits able to resist even the stoutest hammers; later used against them.

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