Julius Malema: A Racist or a Nationalist?

Leiyo Singo


The rise of Julius Malema in the African National Congress (ANC)/South Africa’s politics has received different interpretations within and beyond South Africa. First, it is because of his personality as a tricky, opportunistic and firebrand young politician; and secondly because of “uncomfortable” issues he is raising about nationalization of mines and land redistribution which contravene ANC’s policy. The rise of Malema has not received a serious interrogation as many studies and discussions focus on the person of Malema and not on the issues. This article revisits the development that led to Malema’s expulsion from ANC; the emergence of the new movement – the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the possible consequences of mass (youth) education by Malema to get popular support. It argues that mobilization of the desperate population that is seeking a new path or an alternative to the Neo-liberal policies is vital and therefore political activism is awaited for to spark off the anti-neoliberalism movement.

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