Sustainable Consumption: Key Issues by Lucie Middlemiss. Routledge: 2018. 250pp., £29.99, ISBN 978 1 138 64566 0

Masoud Dauda


Sustainable consumption is among the most rapidly growing fields of interest for social scientists. It is an important field as it has gained momentum at a time when the global community is focusing on issues of climate change and sustainability. The past few years have seen a multidisciplinary interest in the field; hence this well structured book provides a clear and interesting coverage to the field of sustainable consumption. In this book, Middlemiss discusses the contribution of the social science disciplines in the field of consumption by presenting their main arguments and perspectives in a relatively simple form for readers to understand. The book is divided into fourteen main chapters, and subdivided into three parts.


Masoud Dauda, Lecturer, University of Dar es Salaam

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