Effects of Massive Settlement Demolition in Dar es Salaam Region along Morogoro Road from Kimara Stopover to Kibamba, Ubungo District

Emmanuel Patroba Mhache


This article focuses on effects of settlement demolition in Ubungo District, Dar es
Salaam City in the United Republic of Tanzania. Specifically this paper tries to answer
three objectives: (i) explore causes and reasons for settlement demolition; (ii)
determine socio-economic effects of settlement demolition; (iii) examine measures to
address effects of settlement demolition. The study was conducted in the area along
Morogoro Road where recent demolition has been executed. In this study data was
collected using questionnaires, interviews and direct observations. A total of 200
people mainly head of the households were sampled for this study. The major findings
of this study were loss of security due to demolition of houses as most citizens turned
to homeless; loss of properties, loss jobs and loss of income among others. Despite
these negative effects, the positive effects of the demolition are provision of good
infrastructure, establishment of new settlements and high demand of building
equipments. All in all, demolition aimed at bringing development and improves people
life. The demolition exercise has a number of challenges such as people refusing to
abandon their areas, people coming back to the demolished areas, thieves and crimes
emerges, to mention some. Recommendations, people should be sensitized on
following regulations so as to avoid problems, adhere to laws, regulations and by-laws.   
Keywords: Demolition, dismantling, settlement, Kimara, Kibamba

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