Urban Planning and Youth Empowerment In Managing Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Kauraye in Katsina, Nigeria

Ibrahim Sani Kankara


This paper examines how the modern urban planning and youth empowerment have helped in managing / reducing violent activities of Kauraye in Katsina. Violent Kauraye youth activities in Katsina from the late 1980’s and to the new millennium have been a major challenge to the state security. The paper argues on how the recent expansion of infrastructure by the Katsina state government, in the former unplanned settlements and rural Katsina, and the establishment of crafts villages in the new millennium have resulted to the diminishing of youth miscreant and violent activities in the state. The paper shows how such activities have now shifted from the earlier hot spot areas in the state to the new unplanned settlements and other hamlets. Finally, recommendations are proffered on how to achieve sustainable development through the curbing violent activities in the interconnected world.

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