People’s Perception on Community-based Forest Management: The Case Study of Njombe District, Tanzania

Laison Kaganga, Festo G.J. Ndumbaro


This study aimed at examining the perceptions of the local communities on Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) in two villages in Njombe District, Tanzania. This was important because CBFM is a bottom-up strategy that involves local communities as owners or users of forest resources. The study used face-to-face interviews, guided by a questionnaire, observations and focus group discussion and documentary review. The findings showed that 70 percent of the respondents complained that the District Council was not supplying enough funds to carry out the CBFM activities, including extension services, while 90 percent complained of the shortage of extension services in forest management activities. Hence, it recommends the need for empowering local communities to enable them support their forest activities.

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