Urbanization in the 20th Century: Some Reflections on Katsina Town, Nigeria

Jamilu Shehu


Urbanization has since the pre-colonial times been an important phenomenon in the Nigerian area. The process involved changes in structure, attitude, infrastructure and institutions, as well as acceleration of economic growth. Since its emergence in the 15th century, Katsina city has been an urban centre due to its strategic location. Since then up to the post colonial area, the town remained an urban centre. However, it was from 1987 when it became a state capital that Katsina became a highly urbanized town with all the characteristic features to qualify it so. The paper argues that the creation of local governments and states in the 20th century, and increase in petrodollar were central to the urban transformation in Katsina into a highly urbanized setting. It has been recommended in the final analysis that a serious commitment on the part of the government and people is imperative towards understanding the problems of urbanism with a view to addressing them.

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