Factors affecting the adoption and non adoption of biogas technology in semi-arid areas of Tanzania

Anna Wawa, Shadrack Mwakalila


Tanzanian Government through its policies in response to energy crisis has been promoting among
others, biogas as an alternative source of energy. However, the adoption of biogas technology has
been reported to be low or not to the expected levels. This study examines the factors that affect the
adoption and Non adoption of Biogas technology as an alternative energy source for rural population
in Semi arid areas. Kongwa and Chamwino Districts in Dodoma region were used as case study.
Data collection methods employed included interviews, focus group discussions and observation.
The findings of the study revealed that there is little or no access to the factors hoped to facilitate
adoption of biogas technology which implies weakness in promotion efforts. Little involvement of the
Government has underestimated the importance of the biogas technology contributing to low adoption.
Other factors include, poor performance of biogas plants associated to technical problems, having a
negative implication in adoption process, high installation costs unaffordable to the majority of rural
population, unreliable feed stocks and water shortage problems. It is recommended that Government
should take intentional efforts to fully involve in promoting biogas technology and ensure the enabling
environment for the adoption of the technology.

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