Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior Approach in the Sustainability of Electronic Waste Management: Critical Success Factors for Extended Producer Responsibility in Uganda

Cosmas Ogenmungu, Sonny Nyeko Juma, Abdallah Ibrahim Nyero, Shamim Kemigisha, Benard Onyinyi


Governments and its citizens contribute enormously to the electronic waste
problem in relation to the consumption and its generation posing serious threat
to the management of wastes. Uganda government is yet to enact an Extended
manage E-wasteeffectively. The paperaimsto examine theExtended Producer
Responsibility (EPR)system critical success factors based on the Theory of
Planned Behavior(TPB)and consider ecological design concept as a potential
extension of the TPB in promoting sustainable electronic waste management.
The survey questionnaires were administered to expert environmental-oriented
government employees. Data was analysed by means ofthe Partial-Least-
developed conceptual framework explain 52.4% variance in the intentions to
participate and practice EPR systems, thus reflecting a good explanatory power
while confirming the model robustness. The results illustrate all TPB constructs
ofattitude,intentions, perceivedbehavioralcontrolandsubjectivenorm,
towardsEPR schemes have significantpositive effecton the outcome of
sustainable E-waste management. Exceptionally, it indicates ecological design
implementation of EPR systems. Building on the study results, for proper
implementation of EPR systems, developing countries should target the TPB
constructs, and ecological design as an extension factor. As policy implication,
government should emphasize the nurturing of good ecological design behavior
of organizations and also encourage effort toward green actions taken through
penalties and incentives and by laws and regulations.

Key words: Theory of Planned Behavior, Ecological design, E-waste, Sustainability,
Extended Producer Responsibility

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