History of the Journal

Here is a brief history of PED. Papers in Education and Development is one of the oldest journals published within this University, ranking, historically, along with UTAFITI, Journal of the Arts and Social Sciences published by the-then Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, TAAMULI and THE AFRICAN REVIEW, Journal of African Political, Development and International Affairs, the latter two published by the Department of Political Science and Public Administration.


PED was founded by the-then Department of Education, within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, in 1975, one year after the Department had mounted a postgraduate programme at the master’s degree level. It has appeared almost without fail once every year, with an open possibility of two issues within a year if circumstances demanded a supplementary issue. The journal has thus survived a not-always smooth journey of 40 years (as at 2015) — a journey that was practically trying especially in the late 1980s and 90s, when at some point there was no paper available, not only in the Department but also within the University and in the country, for printing an extensive monograph of five to nine articles. At one time the journal was published with a set of two bundles of white and pink paper sheets together! That was the time, in the 1980s/90s, of great shortage of everything and in everything.


By the way, for some 16 years (1975—1991), the journal was published as a mimeograph and obviously hand-bound on tape and hand-trimmed with the help of industrial knives borrowed from the University’s Library printing unit. Yet, for the departmental staff members, this did not matter and did not deter the spirit of writing, ‘publishing’ and letting publicly known new and innovative ideas. That was the joy of “write and let them know”, the drive to “publish or perish” and the resonance of “put it in writing and the people learn and practise from it”. So, well up to the early ’90s, the journal was not as smooth in physical production terms, but it was wonderful, venturesome and gratifying academically and professionally!


At the beginning the work of scouting for possible papers and editing of such papers was entrusted to one appointed colleague in the Department, assisted, informally by one or two members of staff. The appointed colleague was known as editorial coordinator-cum-convener. Soon afterwards, he or she was formally termed Editor, at the head of a group of three or four making up an Editorial Committee. Presently, the positions have been formally elevated into a Chief Editor at the head of an Editorial Board. To-date, PED has been served by about nine Editorial Committees/Boards over the years, remembered to have been headed by the following editorial conveners or, since 1992, chief editors (with respective academic positions shown at the time of appointment):






Laura Okumu (Mrs)

Tutor, Institute of Education & Department of Education



Marjorie Mbilinyi (Dr)

Associate Professor



Janaki Tschannerl (Dr)

Senior Lecturer



Abel Ishumi (Assoc Prof)

Associate Professor



Justinian Galabawa (Dr)

Senior Lecturer



Issa Omari (Prof)

Associate Professor



Justinian Galabawa (Prof)                

Associate Prof → Professor



Abel Ishumi (Prof)  



 Over the years, the Editorial group (editorial Committee or Board members), appear in records as follows:

  • Under Laura Okumu

          1975 → 1977

1)Geoffrey R.V. Mmari

2 Abel G. M. Ishumi

3) Marjorie Mbilinyi

4) Gomo M.P. Michongwe

5) Simon Jiboku



  • Under Marjorie Mbilinyi

          1978 →


1)Martha Mvungi


2) S.T. Mahenge

3) Abel Ishumi

4) Moses P. Besha

5) Issa M. Omari

6) Geoffrey V. Mmari


  • Under Janaki Tschannerl

          1982 → 1984


1) Geoffrey V. Mmari


2) John Pendaeli

3) Abel G. M. Ishumi

4) Donatus Komba

5) Ruth Besha



  • Under Abel Ishumi

          1985 → 1989


1) Donatus Komba


2) John Pendaeli

3) Yosiah D. M. Bwatwa

4) Naomi B. Katunzi

5) H.J. Mosha

6) Kalafunja M. Osaki


  • Under Justinian Galabawa

          1989 → 1993


1) Abel G. M. Ishumi


2) John Pendaeli

3) Herme J. Mosha

4) Akundaeli S. Mbise

5) J. G. Tetlow



  • Under Issa M. Omari

          1994 → …..


1) Akundaeli S. Mbise


2) Kalafunja M. Osaki

3) Philemon A. K. Mushi

4) Abel G. Ishumi

5) Suleman A. Sumra

6) George A. Malekela

7) Mwajabu K. Possi



  • Under Justinian Galabawa

          1997 → 2008


1) Abel G. M. Ishumi


2) Herme J. Mosha

3) Philemon A.K. Mushi

4) Rebecca Sima

5) C. Rubagumya

6) Willy Komba

7) J. Shehu

8) Kalafunja M. Osaki


  • Under Abel G. M. Ishumi

          2009 →


1) Kitila Mkumbo


2) Mwajuma Vuzo

3) Blackson Kanukisya

4) Herme J. Mosha

5) Mwajabu Possi

6) Philemon A.K. Mushi

7) Daniel Sifuna

8) Peter Baguma

9) Peter N. Chonjo

10) Willy Komba

11) William Anangisye