PED is the official academic publication of the School of Education of the University of Dar es Salaam. It is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the analysis of educational problems and issues and the relationship of such problems or issues with development in a general and inclusive sense. The articles accepted and published in the journal look at the problems and issues at stake from a multidisciplinary point of view. Contributions are invited from authors in a variety of academic disciplines, whose work is judged to have significant implications for educational policy and/or educational practice both at home in Tanzania, in eastern and southern Africa and/or in sub-Saharan Africa in general, and beyond. The journal is published once a year, with an “open” possibility of two issues within one year, ordinarily when circumstances demand an additional issue.


The Editorial Board accepts research-based analytical papers, original research reports, reviews and short but policy- or practice-relevant communications.


The Editorial Board is based at the University’s School of Education, although its members include selected specialists in education from educational institutions and higher education institutions from outside Tanzania.


Just as the University itself does, the PED editorial board takes, as a matter of policy, a “non-discriminatory, equal-opportunity stance” in reviewing and accepting contributions for the wider general and professional readership with a view to benefiting from implications that may arise for policy and practice in the future.


Everyone is welcome to submit their contribution for consideration for publication in the journal. Education is a key to development – just as the level and manner of development in society has a reflection on the kind and manner of the education provided and how it was administered in the first instance.