An Assessment of Satisfaction in Cultural Heritage Tourism Destinations in Tanzania: The Case of Zanzibar Stone Town

Maximilian F. Chami, Edwinus C. Lyaya


The paper focuses on the assessment of tourist satisfaction in cultural heritage tourism destinations in Zanzibar Stone Town, UNESCO’s World Heritage site; in terms of tourist emotional satisfaction, tourist touching loyalty, tourist satisfaction with the tourism destination attributes and tourist willingness to revisit tourism destinations. This study is chosen, because many studies on cultural heritage resources in Tanzania have, until recently, concentrated on the archaeology, management and conservation of the heritage, leaving out issues of tourist satisfaction. Data were collected through questionnaires and the sample size included 105 tourists who visited Zanzibar Stone Town in October and November, 2014. The findings show that overall satisfaction of tourists with Zanzibar Stone Town tourism destinations is high, among other things, because of the good quality and attributes of the site. The paper recommends that hygiene and sanitation of the town should be improved. It is also imperative that a quick maintenance of some sites, such as the House of Wonders Museum, be accomplished, in order to increase best tourist satisfaction with this vital UNESCO’s World Heritage site.

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