Mobile Technology, Mobile Money and Financial Services in Emerging Economies

Bruno L. Yawe, Jaideep Prabhu


We use data collected by the Financial Inclusion Insights (FII) research and knowledgesharing

program that is managed by InterMedia to investigate the uptake of mobile
technology, mobile money and financial services in Bangladesh, India, Nigeria,
Pakistan, Tanzania and Uganda. We also investigated by country the predictors of use
of the most popular mobile money product for these six countries. It was not possible to
undertake an econometric analysis for Kenya due to the lack of data on the dependent
variable and some predictors. We can infer from the pooled cross-sectional data for
Bangladesh, India, Nigeria and Pakistan that the following are significant predictors
of using mobile money: (i) possession of a job or income source; (ii) possessing a mobile
phone; (iii) possessing a bank account; (iv) degree of trust in mobile money services; (v)
degree of trust in mobile money agents; as well as (vi) basic literacy.  

Keywords: financial inclusion, mobile money, financial innovation, ‘know-do’ gap,
binomial logistic regression.

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