Economic Implications of the Quality of Antimalarials in Dar es Salaam

Otieno Osoro


This paper economically analyses the actual quality of antimalarials in Dar es Salaam using drug quality analysis involving identification, uniformity of weight, and an assay of active ingredients. It seeks to determine the actual quality of antimalarials in Dar es Salaam and to determine the impact of this quality on health consumer utility, using the drug quality results to infer on the impact of quality on health consumer utility. Findings reveal all sampled drugs met the necessary condition of good quality drugs by containing amounts of active ingredients that complied with the British Pharmacopoeial (BP) specifications. However, analysis beyond the assay of active ingredients tests revealed some batches of antimalarials manufactured in Tanzania possessed less quality relative to other sampled drugs. Thich increased the probability of the production of drugs that may be outside the pharmacopoeial specified active ingredients quantities. Some locally manufactured antimalarials are thus less adequate in reducing sick time, and therefore provide less utility to healthcare consumers. Regulation can thus be enhanced increasing focus on drug quality monitoring activities beyond assessing whether drugs comply with pharmacopoeial standards or not, as well as well as increasing emphasis on monitoring drug manufacturers.

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