Effect of Advertisement on Consumers’ Buying Behaviour of Real Estates in Tanzania: Insight from the National Housing Corporation

Omari K. Mbura, Sumaya M. Kagoya


The article examines the influence of advertisement elements—namely television, radio, print media and online advertisements—on consumers’ buying behaviour of real estate products in Tanzania, using evidence of the National Housing Corporation (NHC). Informed by the positivist and deductive paradigms, as well as theoretical lens of the AIDA model, the study used structured questionnaires to gather quantitative data from 103 conveniently sampled NHC customers based in the Tanzania’s sprawling city of Dar es Salaam. These were complemented by in-depth information from 3 key informants. Data were subjected to multiple regression analysis. The findings indicate that of all the four constructs, only two—television, and radio— advertisements were the major shakers as they emerged as significant predictors with 53% and 27% contribution to changing the consumers’ buying behaviour, respectively. Print and online media, on the other hand, insignificantly contributed 13% and 7% to influencing consumers’ buying behaviour respectively. These findings have implications for policy makers and real estate companies seeking to make the most from advertising of real estate products through the media.

Key terms: advertisement, consumers’ buying behaviour and AIDA

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