Consumer Perceptions, Preferences and Awareness Towards Potential Geographical Indication of Products in Tanzania

Innocensia John


This paper assesses consumer awareness, preference and perception of high-quality products from information provided in the market, and on the labels for coffee and rice products in Mbeya and Kilimanjaro regions of Tanzania. This paper is a part of a study that was established to understand the potential of geographical indication protection in Tanzania, which looked at producers, sellers, and consumers. The study collected data from a sample of 130 consumers: 58 and 72 rice and coffee consumers, respectively. A mixed method approach was used to analyse data; specifically a logit model was used to understand the determinants of consumers awareness; and providing a clear description of the different factors that determine consumers’ preferences and perceptions. The results showed that 62% of the consumers had awareness of the different qualities they seek in a product. Price and label/brand information were found to be the main factors influencing and signalling the preferences and perceptions of consumers to high-quality products.

Keywords: consumers, geographical indication, products, Tanzania, policy

JEL Classification Q18, D18, L15,

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