Daudi S Simbeye


This paper mainly focuses on the detection of gas leakage and providing security when the
user is around or away from home. The system is Short Message Service (SMS) based and
uses wireless technology for providing security against gas leakage to users hence cost
effective and more adaptable. The system comprises of sensors for detecting gas leak
interfaced to microcontroller that will give an alert to user whenever there is a gas leakage,
display warning information by using Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), sending SMS to the
user for notification wherever he/she might be and turning off electric power with the help
of magnetic relay. This will enable the user to take precaution of explosion disaster which
may result on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cookers like loss of properties, injury or
even death. GLDS provides ideal solution to gas leakage problems faced by home owners
in daily life.

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