Comparative Analysis of Multiplicative and Additive Noise Based Automated Regularizations in Non-Linear Diffusion Image Reconstruction

Chiza M. Christophe, Bua Anthony, Goodluck Kapyela, Abdi T. Abdalla


Multiplicative and additive noises are often introduced in image signals during the image acquisition process and result into degradation of image features. The work done by Perona and Malik in 1990 and its modified versions revolutionized the way through which noises or speckles are removed. The Perona-Malik model requires tuning of the regularization parameter to control and prevent staircase artifacts in restored images. The current manual tuning is a challenging and time consuming practice when a long queue of images is registered for processing. Attempt to automate the regularization parameter appeared in Perona-Malik model with self-adjusting shape-defining constant. Although both multiplicative and additive noise based automated regularizations were presented, the paper stayed silent on matters concerning the automation method that fits with speckle reduction. This paper therefore, presents a comparative analysis of additive and multiplicative noise based automated regularizations. Simulation results and paired samples T-tests reveal that the multiplicative noise based automation outperforms the additive noise based automation for small speckle variances. However, the two automation methods do not significantly differ when large speckle variances are assumed.

Keywords: Additive Noise, Image Processing, Multiplicative Noise, Non-Linear Diffusion, Regularization.

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