Structural classification using aeromagnetic data and pseudogravity transforms: a case study of Pategi area of Bida basin, Nigeria

Ayodele Olawuyi


The structural classification with 3D Euler deconvolution method in the Pategi area, a transition environment between the Basement complex rocks of the southwestern Nigeria and the Sedimentary rocks of the Nupe Basin was carried out. It was aimed at identification of the structural features responsible for the hydrogeology and mineralization potentials of the area. This work involves the qualitative and quantitative analysis of aeromagnetic data and pseudogravity transforms using Oasis MontajTM. The 3-D Euler deconvolution of the acquired aeromagnetic data and pseudogravity transforms using Oasis montajTM software and the geologic information on this area was employed in the structural classification work. The extracted faults and lineament features are mostly trending in the NW/SE and NE/SW directions. Earlier workers have recorded oil seepage within this Sheet (204), which is adjacent to the pegmatite rich Lafiagi area. Also, the abundance of 2D and 3D structures that are commonly associated with gemstones and precious minerals explain why the study area is a prospective mineralized zone.

Key words: Euler Deconvolution, Transition, Hydrogeology, Mineralization, Lineaments

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