Statistical Analysis of Ambient Conditions and Water Temperature on Standard Achievement of Volume Calibration of Small Laboratory Glassware

Lazaro Revocatus, Nyimvua Shaban


Volumetric apparatus calibration is a very sensitive matter in metrological institutions. Identification and evaluation of the uncertainty factors affecting volume calibration of volumetric apparatus such as small laboratory glassware is a critical issue to investigate in order to increase accuracy in calibration. This study investigates the contributions of ambient conditions and water temperature in volume calibration of small laboratory glassware. The study used existing empirical data from the Tanzania Bureau of Standards. The multiple linear regression model was used to establish better relationship between explanatory variables and response variable. The model analyzed three predictor variables namely ambient temperature, pressure and relative humidity. Water temperature was dropped due to high multicollinearity with ambient temperature. The results from this study revealed that the variations in calibration of small volumetric laboratory glassware have strong association with ambient temperature, pressure and their interaction and weak one with ambient relative humidity. It is therefore recommended to have appropriate settings of these ambient conditions in volume calibration of small laboratory glassware to ensure that the glassware used for analysis and other practices are accurately calibrated for betterment of practical or test results.

Keywords: Calibration, ambient conditions, small laboratory glassware, uncertainty 

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