Uvarisesquiterpene D: A New Benzopyranyl Sesquiterpene Isolated from Uvaria Lucida ssp. Lucida

Q. A. Mgani


Hitherto unreported benzopyranyl sesquiterpene, uvarisesquiterpene D, has been isolated from the stem bark of Uvaria lucida ssp lucida. Its structure had been elucidated by spectroscopic analysis (IR, MS and NMR) and comparison of its spectral data with the known related compounds uvarisesquiterpene B and selin-11(12)-4α-ol. The latter compound was co-isolated with the new natural product as well as caryophyline oxide and lucidine.

Keywords: Annonaceae; uvaria; bezopyranylsesquiterpenes; uvarisesquiterpenes

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