Electrochemical Behaviour of Environmentally Friendly Inhibitor of Aloe Secundiflora Extract in Corrosion Control of Carbon Steel in Soft Water Media

J. Mutasingwa, J. Buchweishaija, J. E.G. Mdoe


Electrochemical behaviour of Aloe secundiflora on carbon steel corrosion control in neutral and aerated soft water solutions have been investigated using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and Tafel polarization techniques. The investigation was performed at different inhibitor concentrations under static and dynamic conditions using a Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE). The impedance and polarization results revealed that A. Secundiflora could be a potential corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel undergoing corrosion in fresh water medium. It was found that Aloe secundiflora reduces the electrochemical processes taking place on carbon steel undergoing corrosion. The inhibitor efficiency increases with increase in A. Secundiflora concentration and gradually decreases with increase in rotation speed. Optimum inhibitor efficiency of 98% was registered when 200 ppm of A.Secundiflora was employed.

Key words: Corrosion; Corrosion inhibitor; Carbon steel; Aloe secundiflora

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