Effects of Temperature on the Physicochemical Properties of Traditionally Processed Vegetable Oils and their Blends

F. N. Ngassapa, S. S. Nyandoro, T. R. Mwaisaka


The quality and stability of traditionally processed palm, sunflower and sesame oils and their blends as affected by temperature were evaluated by analyzing their physicochemical properties which included acid, saponification, peroxide, iodine values and refractive indices.. The initial quality of traditionally processed oils studied was found to be within the specifications of TZS and Codex requirements. The results further indicate that the quality of both unblended and blended traditionally processed vegetable oils deteriorate significantly at elevated temperatures (p < 0.05). However, the blends showed relatively better quality and stability than the unblended ones whereby the formulations of palm oil (PO) and sesame oil (SSO) appeared to be more stable than those of PO and sunflower oil (SO). This work suggests that blending of traditionally processed PO, SO and SSO improves the quality and stability of these oils.

Keywords: Palm; sunflower; sesame oil; blends; traditionally processed; phydicochemical properties

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