Dynamical Analysis and Control Strategies for Capturing the Spread of COVID-19

Mutairu K. Kolawole, Kazeem A. Odeyemi, Adedapo I. Alaje, Asimuyu O. Oladapo, Kehinde A. Bashiru


In this paper, a study of preventive measures capable of curbing the spread of COVID 19 pandemic to avoid its second wave was carried out. The existence and uniqueness of the proposed mathematical model is assured, the basic reproduction number is established, the local and global stability of the disease free equilibrium are well obtained and the variational iteration method is applied to solve the mathematical model. Numerical simulation of the included control parameters are carried out. The obtained results and outcomes are presented graphically. It was revealed that enlightenment to vaccination awareness should be encouraged as vaccination is a good strategy of capturing the spread of the disease.

Keywords: Covid-19, Basic Reproduction Number, Local stability, Global Stability, variational Iteration Method

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4314/tjs.v48i3.15


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