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Once again, the editorial team is delighted to invite the esteemed readers of Tanzania Zamani to this new release, being the final issue for 2021. In its outlay, this release significantly resembles the last two issues. It upholds the recently adopted policy on the minimum number of articles, which is five per issue. Accordingly, the present release consists of five articles and one book review. Additionally, in common with the previous two issues, this release consists of articles that differ widely in terms of thematic scopes and temporal settings. Thus, the scholarly interests pursued in the five articles span over diverse fields of historical scholarship, including historiography, colonial political economy, colonial labour migration, plantation forestry and the history of independent African churches in Tanzania. In terms of temporal settings, the majority of the articles focus either on the colonial or post-colonial period. Only one contribution focusses on a wider temporal scope spanning from the colonial to the post-colonial period. Yet, despite the diversity of themes and temporal settings, the articles included in this issue share in common a similar basic theme and the same spatial scope. They all focus on human historical experiences in the area presently known as Mainland Tanzania.

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