Adjustment Processes, Social Service Delivery and the Environment: some Macro–Micro Linkages in Tanzania

Fidelis Mtatifikolo


Tanzania is now in the third of the three phases identified with SAPs: from the growth-oriented programme  of  1986/87 to 1988/89; then to one accommodating social dimensions in 1989/90 - 1991/92; and now to the  institutional reforms as outlined in PFP (1991/92-93/94) and the RPFB (1993/94 -1995/96).  there were severe underfuning in the social sectors starting before SAPs, but becoming critical under the first phases of adjustent processes.  Incomes and employment opportunities fell too during the period, and the refuge to infomal sectors became conspicuous at the time.  As a results of government shrinkage, and in the absence of  efficient  coping up mechanisms by the poor, these areas have faced severe environmental problems.  Other social services like agricultural extension, education, health and 'law enforcement' demand significant details, now lacking, to establish unabiguous links to envirnoment.  Casual empiricism suggests possible environmental problems asdilapidation of structures (schools, drainage systems,hospital support services, animal dips, etc) accelerates, mainly reflecting diminished public commitment of funds.

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