Capacity building in Reasearch

M. S. D Bagachwa


This paper examines the importance, and some of the critical mechanics and
means for buil~, over the long-term, a critical mass of professional indigenous
researchers, policy analysts and economic managers who are able' to better
manage the development process in their respective developing countries. The
paper also emphasizes the need to make better use of the existing indigenous
capacities and iustitutious. Although coverage is broader, particular emphasis is
placed on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), where the magnitode of the problem of low
absorptive capacity has been quite telling. The paper starts by setting up the
problem and defining the concept of capacity building. In this section, it also
examines a number of factors that have frustrated capacity building efforts in
SSA. Section two reviews some selected past and existing capacity building
initiatives, and presents lessons drawn from these experiences. The last section
discusses the implications of capacity building for the recently initiated research
programmes funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Royal Netherlands
Government in a number of Southern countries, including Tanzania.

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