The Distribution of ɸ-features in Bantu DPs and vPs: The Case of Concord and Agree in Kiswahili and Kinyakyusa

Amani Lusekelo


It is established that ɸ-features, ordered in specific hierarchies, are not projections of a single head. However, actual hierarchies of ɸ- features in various phrases are not well established across Bantu languages. Where postulates exist, differences subsist. For instance, some scholars argue that Bantu DPs value the feature gender which is fused in lexical-nouns while others posit that the feature number is imbedded in noun-stems. I articulate in this paper that the paramount valuation of DP concord is number. Subsequently, putting the results into the order number>gender>person, I, too, propose that vP Agree patterns disqualify genders as a feature, thus, allowing the hierarchy number>case>person.


Keywords: agree, concord, ɸ-features, Bantu, Kinyakyusa, Kiswahil

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