Serial Verb Constructions in Ikwere

Roseline Ihuoma Chukwunonye Alerechi


The paper identifies and analyzes the serial verb constructions (SVCs) in Ikwere. Ikwere is an Igboid language spoken in Rivers State of Nigeria. The paper uses a descriptive approach to analyze serial verbs in the language. It observes that the unmarked variety of SVC is characteristic of the Ikwere language. The paper further highlights the characteristic of sharing of certain features in serial verb constructions in the language. They include tense and aspect sharing, negative sharing and argument sharing. The paper also suggests that a serial construction is derived from two or more underlying sentences by deleting all but the first subject NP in a serial construction. It finally identifies the semantic types of SVC in the language. We believe that this paper will not only contribute to the body of literature, but will project some of the peculiarity of SVC in Ikwere.


Key words: Serial Verb Construction, unmarked variety, tense/aspect sharing, instrumental, directional

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