Exploring Gender Relations in Sukuma Oral Poetry: A Thematic Comparative Study

Esther J. Masele


This paper attempts to capture gender relations in Sukuma oral poetry. The paper is designed to answer two questions: How does Sukuma oral poetry illustrate gender relations among the Sukuma? In what ways Sukuma oral poetry sung by men differ from those sung by women in representing gender issues? The paper is a qualitative content study, which involved document analysis in the collection of data. Sukuma oral poetry was analysed by using Thematic Coding Analysis (TCA) and interpreted by using Third World Feminism Theory. The study found Sukuma oral poetry noticeably distinctive in highlighting the problems of inequality among people in this community. Each gender group in a society illustrates its position in its oral poetry. The paper recommends harmonization of relationship between genders as one of the corrective measures to be undertaken by the responsible authorities.

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