Information needs and sources on food and nutrition security among farmers in Chamwino District, Tanzania

Antidius Fidelis


This study has investigated information needs and source on food and nutrition security in Chamwino District, Tanzania. The study employed a descriptive research design in which a mixed research approach has been followed to collect data using questionnaires and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) from a sample of 84 respondents. The study employed a stratified random sampling to collect data from farmers. In general, the study’s findings reveal that crops processing, storage, and preservation and climate change are the areas on which farmers need information most. The findings further signify that friends, radio, and mobile phones are sources of food and nutrition security information considered effective by respondents. The study’s findings further indicate that access to food and nutrition security information in the study area is affected by various factors including income and education levels. Based on its results, the study recommends employing mechanisms that suit the population in the area when providing information. Apart from that, it is recommended that farmers receive information literacy lessons to enable them to more effectively seek and use information. 


Information needs, information sources, food security, nutrition security, farmers and Tanzania.

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