The Role of Youth Volunteerism in the Achievement of Local Development Initiatives in Iringa region, Tanzania


  • David J Manyerere DEVELOPMENT STUDIES - Mkwawa


The concept of volunteerism is increasingly becoming a popular phenomenon in the
contemporary world as it unveils how community members at local, national, or
international levels support their respective societies, nations, and the world at large
to achieve various development targets. The role of the youth €”being an active and
energetic cohort €”in accelerating local development projects through volunteerism
cannot be overemphasized. This paper explores the contribution of the youth cohort
in Iringa region, Tanzania, in supporting various local development initiatives that
have significant positive impact to their respective societies in the achievement of
development initiatives in various projects. Primary data were collected through
focused group discussions and key informant interviews techniques. The data were
analysed using qualitative approach through the NVivo software. Findings
demonstrate a clear and direct relationship between active youth participation in
volunteerism activities and effective accomplishment of local development projects.
Religious, school and community institutions were found to play a significant role to
nurture the spirit of youth volunteerism. Notwithstanding challenges, youth
volunteerism significantly facilitated the constructions of public infrastructures like
hospitals, classrooms, and roads; as well as supporting the provision of various
emergency services in their respective areas.

Author Biography

David J Manyerere, DEVELOPMENT STUDIES - Mkwawa

Institute of Development Studies