RESEARCH NOTE: Tour Guides’ Perception for Sustainable Tourism

John R Philemon, Dev Jani


The aim of this study was to evaluate tour guides’ perception of tourism sustainability using triple bottom line dimensions of economic, environmental, and socio-cultural aspects as informed by Social Exchange Theory. A structured questionnaire was self-administered to tour guides around Mikumi National Park in Tanzania. Descriptive and mean comparison tests were performed with results indicating that tour guides perceive tourism to have positive economic and environmental impacts. However, surveyed tour guides thought that tourism in the area stimulated prevalence of bad behaviours like prostitution, alcoholism, and gambling. Furthermore, the results indicate that tour guides perceive tourism to increase imbalance and inequality in economic benefits. The results complement previous studies by capturing tour guides’ views as well as testing the Social Exchange Theory. Furthermore, the results offer insights to destination managers and policy makers on possible interventions in furthering holistic and sustainable destination management. Keywords: Tourism, Culture, Tour Guides, Tanzania, Perception, Impacts

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