Author Guidelines

Tanzania Journal of Engineering and Technology receives three types of manuscripts, which are Research articles, Review articles and Technical notes. Research articles are based on original work, with results confirmed through clearly described research problem, methods and materials. The methods and experimental procedures used must be clearly described to allow replication. The sites must be clearly described and conditions of the experiments must be clearly detailed. The full research paper should be able to describe and interpret the work clearly, but should not exceed 25 pages in length, A4 size, Times New Roman font 12 points. Reviews papers are based on the reviews of different research methodologies and their results. The contributor is expected to evaluate how each study was conducted and focus on the study design and analysis with an intention of comparing studies and discuss their implications. Reviews papers should be concise and should not excess 25 manuscript pages in length, A4 size, Times New Roman font 12 points. A technical note is a short article, which gives a brief description of a procedure, technique or specific development. It may describe a new device, method or modification of an existing procedure, technique or code of practice. Technical notes should be 7 to 10 pages in length, A4 size, single spacing, and Times New Roman font 12 points.