Regulatory Justice Efficacy in Tanzania: A Cae of Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority

Allan Syril Mlulla


Economic regulation and competition are frameworks
to ensure efficient functioning of markets for the
benefit of the consumer through competitive prices
and acceptable standards and quality of products
service delivery. EWURA and its tribunal are among
instruments used in providing regulatory justice in
Tanzania. This paper evaluates delivery of regulatory
justice as administered by EWURA with a view to
establishing its efficacy, shortcomings and providing
possible solutions. Findings and conclusions of the
study have shown that the EWURA tribunal is relevant
in discharging the spirit of the EWURA Act. It has also
been found out that decisions made by the Tribunal
conform to the EWURA Act and, that; generally, the
performance of the EWURA tribunal is very good. The
good performance notwithstanding it is recommended that the EWURA tribunal should expand its activities
countrywide so as to reduce the time within which the
complaints are completed by the tribunal.

Keywords: Competition, EWURA, Regulatory justice, Regulatory
Authorities, Efficacy.

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