Instructions to Authors

The Editorial Board of the Eastern Africa Law Review, a Journal of Law and Development, welcomes submission of articles to be considered for publication in the journal.

Articles to be submitted should comply with the following format:

(i)     A-4 size, double spaced;

(ii)   Length: not more than 25 pages

(iii) One inch margin: Left, right, top and bottom;

(iv) Font type and size: 12 points Times New Roman or Arial

(v)   Programme: MS word 97-2003

(vi) Use footnotes and not end notes

(vii)                       Citation style: Chicago or Turabian


All hard and soft copies of materials to be considered for publication including all correspondence, letters to the editor, notes, comments, articles and book reviews should be addressed to:

The Editor,

Eastern Africa Law Review,

P.O. Box 35093,

Dar es Salaam,


Price Price per issue exclusive of postage is TShs. 15,000 (within Tanzania)

                                                              USD 20 (outside Tanzania)

 Frequency of publication

The publication comes out biannually; June and December.