Review Process

Review Process of the Eastern Africa Law Review, Journal of Law and Development

1.   After submission of an article to the Editor in Chief, the Editor reads it and           forms the first opinion whether the article is worth going through the    process for publication purposes. The Editor may advise on   corrections to be made as he deems fit and sends the article             back to the      author for necessary action. After making the corrections the          author resubmits the article.

2.   The Editor in Chief then sends the article to a reviewer for evaluation of the           article and advising the Editorial Board on the following:

(a) Originality and contribution to knowledge

(b) Relevance of the article in terms of substance

(c) Propriety of the format

(d) Whether the article should-

  • be published as it is
  • be published after corrections indicated by the reviewer
  • not be published at all.


3.   After effecting corrections or improvements suggested by the reviewer the             author resubmits the article to the Chief Editor for further processing


4.   The review team comprises all senior staff of the University of Dar es         Salaam School of Law, i.e., those with PhD degrees and Professors and other qualified staff from outside the UDSM School of Law. An article is sent to a reviewer depending on the expertise of the said reviewer in the particular area of the law. The School has 13 professors who are PhD degree holders and 15 PhD degree holders who are not yet       professors.