Intellectual Property Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expressions in Tanzania: Regulating and Protecting Traditional Knowledge

Theodora Mwenegoha


Traditional knowledge and Cultural Expressions of a
community are essential elements not only in heritage and
identity of that community but also a valuable asset to the
community and nation as a whole. When carefully tapped,
such traditional knowledge and cultural expressions can
further the economy of a given society. Therefore, when
these knowledge and expressions are not promoted a
society loses a great deal. Similarly, if such knowledge and
expressions are not protected, a society is robbed of a great
wealth and value. The use of such knowledge and
expressions by an individual, a group or a country without
acknowledgement and approved appropriation, tend to harm
the owner of the valued Traditional Knowledge and Cultural
Expressions. This amounts to misappropriation and
infringement of the same. Protection of such infringements
necessitates proper measures and laws to be put in place
for safeguarding the said knowledge and expressions. To
achieve safeguarded knowledge and expressions of a
society, there needs to be appropriate legal framework that
is comprehensive and functioning as protection and
promotion tools for Traditional Knowledge and Cultural

Key words: Traditional Knowledge, Cultural Expressions,
Intellectual Property, Protection, Misappropriation,

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