The Right to Work and Equality in the Workplace for Persons with Disabilities in Tanzania

Ines Kajiru, Isaack Nyimbi


This work analyses the current Tanzanian legal framework on
the right to work and equality in the workplace for persons
with disabilities (PWDs). The paper examines the extent and
effectiveness of the provisions in the Disability Act of 2010
and other laws that govern right to employment to determine
the compliance of this Act with international human rights
standards. Moreover, the challenges experienced by PWDs
are explored in as far as their right to work and equality in the
workplace in Tanzania are concerned. Secondary data are
employed and reviewed. It has been found that, although
Tanzania's Persons with Disabilities Act of 2010
demonstrates a concerted commitment to archive what is
best for PWDs, there is still inadequate implementation of
laws that address the entitlement of people with disabilities in
Tanzania. Hence, this work has made several
recommendations to ensure adequate implementation of
laws and rights for PWDs.

Key words: Right to Work, Equality, Workplace, Persons
with Disabilities, Tanzania.

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