Patent Protection and Public Health Promotion in Tanzania

Nuru Benjamin Komba, Chacha Mairo


Intellectual property rights refer to intangible rights that are
conferred to a person for the protection of his intellectual
creation. One of the subsets of intellectual property is patent,
which deals with protection of inventions. This article aims at
critically analysing the relationship between patent protection
and promotion of public health. The article begins by
discussing the international legal framework on patent
protection and their position on the promotion of public health.
Further, the article analyses the measures to be taken by
developing countries so as to promote public health in their
countries and at the same time ensuring patent protection. An
analysis of the Tanzanian legal framework on patent
protection and the efforts taken to promote public health
follows thereafter. Ultimately, the article draws a conclusion
and provides recommendations on what should be done by
developing countries so as to effectively promote public

Keywords: Intellectual Property, Patent Protection, Public Health,
Developing Countries.

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