The Semiotic Resourcefulness of Okutongerera among Haya Newlyweds

Godfrey Muganda, Antoni M. Keya, Frolence Rutechura


This paper examines okutongerera incantations to determine their semiotic resourcefulness in the giving of presents to Haya newlyweds. The data are from three wedding ceremonies which took place in Bukoba town, Kagera Region. The analysis is informed by social semiotic theory. The findings indicate that the incantations use security-related expressions, precautionary expressions, well-wishing expressions, and main-use-of-thetools/weapon expressions. These expressions are accompanied by different symbolic actions. The findings show that okutongerera incantations are relatively more resourceful than other kinds of incantations as they have more to communicate regarding the life of the newlyweds than the other kinds do.

Keywords: eichumu, enfuka, Haya community, okutongerera, orupanka, orwabyo, social semiotics

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