Assessment of Tourists Perception and Satisfaction of Tanzania Destination

John R.M. Philemon


Tourism industry is very much affected with perception the tourists
carry with them about a destination. This study aimed at assessing
international tourists’ perception of various attributes in Tanzania and
examining their general satisfaction with Tanzania destination. It is
quantitative in nature and utilized a survey research design. A total of
286 self-administered questionnaires were used in collecting primary
data from all tourism circuits in Tanzania. The circuits are the Northern
circuit (N), The Southern circuit (S), the Western Circuit (W), Coastal
circuit(C) and Zanzibar. Descriptive statistics (Frequencies,
Percentages, Means, and Standard Deviations) and inferential statistics
(t-test) were conducted to assess tourists’ perception and satisfaction
with Tanzania destination on culture, wildlife, landscape,
accommodation, restaurants, security and safety, infrastructure and
tour guidance. Conclusions and recommendations are drawn from the
findings and discussions thereof.

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