The Antecedents of Customer’s Perceptions of the Quality of Mobile Phone Recharge Bundles in Tanzania

Nelly Maliva


One of the strategies that telecommunication companies employ in order to attract customers and survive is through the quality of their services. This study explores the extent to which customers evaluate price, duration or a size of mobile phone network recharge bundles in order to establish the antecedents of customers’ perception of the quality of the bundle. A cross-sectional approach was necessary in order to get the required information from customers in Tanzania who are users of the bundle services. The causal effects of price, duration and size on the customers’ perception of the bundles were established through correlation and multiple regression analysis. It plainly shows that price, duration and size of the recharge bundles predict customers’ perception of the quality of bundles in Tanzania, albeit the duration has a greatest impact. This study, therefore, adds value to the current knowledge and is useful for mobile phone service providers in their marketing programs.

Keywords: Antecedents, Customers’ Perception, Service Quality, Recharge Bundles

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