An analysis of the Short Term Effects of Covid 19 on Industries in Uganda

Gladys Rochelle Kemitare, Gilbert Kibekityo


The unprecedented Covid-19 turmoil has forced industries around the world to critically analyse and quickly adopt a more resilient business strategy of operations to ensure the health and safety of their employees and keep their organizations alive in a rapidly evolving environment. Globally, the pandemic has caused great distress on industrialists in the following ways: Supply chain disruptions with limited or lack of access to Materials, Markets and Labour force; Layoff of workers (causing shortages on various production lines); Limited demand, reduced consumer confidence within countries and inaccessibility to international market among others. This paper examines the effects of the pandemic shocks on company production, sales, finances including revenues, cash flows and financial requirements while providing company policy recommendations for government action for post-Covid economic recovery.

Keywords: Covid-19 pandemic, Industrial Production, Sales and Revenue, Business continuity.

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