An Assessment of the Factors Influencing Consumers’ Choice of Petrol Filling Stations in Tanzania

Innocent Anthony Urio, John R. P. Mwakyusa


The purpose of this study was to examine the factors influencing consumers'
choice ofpetrolfilling stations.A quantitative study from conveniently
sampled 150 drivers in Dar es Salaam Tanzania wasincluded in the study. A
determine the effect of independent variables on the dependentvariable. The
findings provide evidence that service quality, fuel quality, price, and brand
were statistically significant and positively influenceconsumers'choice of
petrol filling stations. However, the location was statistically not significant
in influencing consumers' choice of petrol filling stations in Tanzania. The
study findings provide a chance for the policymakers and Oil Marketing
Companies (OMCs) to consider each factor and see how they can take
advantage of increasing their customer base and maximize the return on their
investment in the retail petroleum sector in Tanzania.

Keywords:Consumer Choice, Brand, Service Quality, Fuel Quality, Location, and Price

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