Assessing the Willingness to Accept Sustainability Learning in Management and Operations in Tanzania: A Comparative Approach

Gerald Zachary Paga Tinali, Yusta Wilson Simwita, Musa Nkuba Shelembi


management and operations. Based on comparative analyses of responses from
different functional areas, the study specifically assessed the readiness to
accept the proposed sustainability-related themes to be learned, the likelihood
competencies, and the employability potentials of beneficiaries of sustainability
learning. The study used data collected from 150 practitioners in the areas of
management andoperations. Analysis of variance was used to compare the
differences in responses between the five functional areas. Findings indicate
that respondents were willing to accept the proposed areas of sustainability
learning. Also, the recipients of sustainability training accepted the likelihood
concurred on theemployability likelihood for potential sustainability learners.
The study recommends that organizations and businesses undertake specific
training to develop sustainability expertise in management and operations to
enhance sustainable business operations.

Keywords: Sustainability, Sustainability Learning, Management, Operations

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