Transfer of Entrepreneurship Training to Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises in Tanzania: Rhetoric or Reality for Human Resource Development?

Omari K Mbura, Joyce Justin Minja


The growing importance of entrepreneurship globally has led to an exponential
increase in the variety of entrepreneurship training programmes. However, there is an
observed lack of standard and consistent interventions, which necessitates assessments
fundamental to improving contents, objectives and methodologies of effective training
of enterprise owners as a part of human resource development. Therefore, this study
examines mainstream and entrepreneurship training evaluations to determine
similarities and incongruities that affect training applications—i.e., training transfer—
which is a crucial aspect of training effectiveness. This systematic desk review presents
the dynamics between prominent transfer evaluation models and entrepreneurship
training evaluations. Key findings reveal unavailability of systematic models for the
assessment of entrepreneurship training transfer, bias towards results-oriented
approaches to training evaluation, and a distinct lack focus on indicators of creativity
and innovativeness in entrepreneurship training evaluation. The study culminates
with a synthesized conceptual framework useful in the research on entrepreneurshiptraining transfer.

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