Inventory of the Genus Craterellus Persoon from Kigoma Region, Tanzania

Donatha Tibuhwa


There is scanty knowledge on macro fungi diversity in Kigoma region. Bioprospecting survey was undertaken in Miombo woodlands, Kigoma region of Tanzania that has never been explored. The survey sought to conduct an inventory of Craterellus Persoon. Conventional taxonomic techniques were used during the survey to characterize the collected materials. Both macro and micro morphological features including basidiocarp size, colour, shape, spore size and print colour were examined. High diversity of reputed macrofungi was observed. This study presents a preliminary inventory of the genus Craterellus Persoon in the country. Three species were described; two namely Craterellus cornucopioides (Linnaeus) Persoon and Craterellus odoratus (Schweinitz: Fries) Fries, being recorded for the first time in Tanzania; while the remaining one could be a new species. Further comprehensive studies need to be conducted in Kigoma miombo woodland to explore the macrofungi diversity to understand and document them.


Key words: Craterellus, Kigoma, Miombo woodland, Tanzania

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